RT Hon Sir Gavin Williamson CBE MP Hazelwood Visit

Sir Gavin Williamson recently visited site at the beginning of February, and he was firstly overly impressed by the view of the countryside as soon as he pulled onto the driveaway of the properties. He said the houses had amazing views of the Staffordshire countryside.

On entry of the properties, he was blown away by the uniqueness of each property inside and out and the attention to detail was highly impressive. Sir Gavin mentioned that he would hope the development would bring multiple generational families who live together to the area as well as entrepreneurs. He also added that he would love to see more developments like Hazelwood in the Staffordshire area.

Overall Sir Gavin thought the development was fantastic, he enjoyed the uniqueness of the designs of each of the properties and loved the fact it was in south Staffordshire.

To make an appointment to view the showroom or for more information on the properties please call Philip Abraham on 07831 856761 or visit www.hazelwoodluxuryhomes.com