Fullmore Lodge, Penkridge

Category: New Build

Project 1 – Pump Room

  • Existing outhouse building was demolished & the cellar infilled with a raft foundation.
  • A new small dwelling was built in keeping with the existing house to seat a new water pump & water purification system to feed the existing house on site.
  • The existing bore hole fresh water feed was re-directed from the existing derelict building.

Project 2 – New Build Double Garage with Plant Room and Ground Source Heating System

  • A new double garage with attic trusses was built.
  • PV Solar panels on roof.
  • 600m trenching was dug to specification for an Eco friendly ground source heating system back to heat pump in the plant room.

Project 3 – Demolish of existing Build and build of a new 3 Bed Detached Eco House

  • Existing barn/dwelling was demolished.
  • A new detached dwelling was built in elaborate brickwork with stonework, chimneys and a porch area.
  • Built with fully timber window and door specification.
  • PV solar panels on roof.
  • Bat Mitigation to loft space.
  • Ground floor and First floor underfloor heating.
  • Fully tiled shower room and 2 bathrooms installed.
  • Bespoke kitchen installed.
  • Bespoke staircase installed.